Issue 9.4 features sixteen contributions, including essays, artist pages, contributions to the City series and the Performance and Pedagogy series, and book reviews. Topics include traumatic memory, suicide, identity, reflexivity, performance praxis, transformation, and advertising to defense contractors.

Issue 9.3 features four performances (three video and one audio), a video and essay in the city series on skateboarding, two contributions to the performance and pedagogy series, essays on punk, click culture, and finding voice(s), as well as two book reviews.

Issue 9.2 is a special issue On Studying Ourselves and Others. The essays in this issue focus on questions of identity perfomrance, reflexivity, narrative, community, ethnography, and autoethnography. This issue receieved the 2013 Best Special Issue award by the Ethnography Division of the National Communication Association.

Issue 9.1 features a video essay (with an experimental all-digital review process); an interview with South African artist and director Brett Bailey; essays on performative inferentialism, documentary, Wilhem II, the Stanford Prison Experiment, a performance related to Occupy Cleveland; and a book review.

Liminalities is an open-access peer-reviewed journal for performance studies, theory and praxis. Our goal is to embrace the possibilities for presenting work in performance studies (broadly construed) by exploring and exploiting the "staging" potential of digital media. We publish essays, aesthetic works, digital media projects, artist pages, performance scripts, themed forums, documentaries, reviews, interviews, works about performance in urban environments, and works about pedagogy & performance. Follow the journal information link for information about submitting projects and essays to Liminalities.

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